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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Garden notes and pictures – May

Eating asparagus, some strawberries, onions, various lettuces and greens, rapini, collards, radishes, parsley, sorrel, and thyme.  Potatoes are growing quickly so “new” potatoes are not too far in the future.

Garlic and Onions

After that nice rain we had yesterday I noticed that about 8 garlic plants had turned brown over night. I pulled them up right away because I’ve had that happen before.


Asparagus – A Variety to Consider – Unconventional Planting Thoughts

When I first started my asparagus bed about 18 years ago I bought 1 year plants.

The two varieties were a delicious purple hybrid and also a green variety which I think was Mary Washington. Both seem to be favorites of most suppliers along with the hybrid, Jersey Knight .

I followed traditional planting advice.

What I’d Do Today

If I were just starting […]

Organic Gardening – The Laws (Principles) are Fixed – The Methods are Endless

In order to be successful in organic gardening there are universal laws (principles and/or fundamental truths) that have to be adhered to. Going against them is a sure recipe for failure. That’s just the way it is. And it doesn’t really matter what your opinions and/or beliefs are because these laws are set and sure. Following them means success. Going against them means failure.


Quick fixes/Recipe for Failure – Nature/Recipe for Success

I had 3 ladies visit our shop this morning who had also requested a tour of the gardens.

They seemed to enjoy both the gardens and the shop and while I said my good-byes to two of the ladies I noticed the other taking a few pictures of the borders in the front.

The two ladies explained that the president of their home association […]

A Spring Secret for Better Summer and Fall Display

Late yesterday afternoon I made a trip around the borders with my hedge shears in hand.  I wanted to get late summer and  fall bloomers like phlox, mums, solidago, and giant rudbeckia cut back before the anticipated soaking rain arrived.

If I had to start over with my gardens and borders, I’d especially have a lot more of these fall bloomers.  They look good […]

Shrubs – A Versatile One for Your Borders.

Some years back I decided my front borders needed a bushy, dense shrub to visually anchor each end. One that had some bright bloom in summer and needed little care.  I chose Hypericum Hidcote.

Hypericum Hidcote in bloom the first of June.

As is most often the case in our summers, we had drought the first year the two bushes were planted.  I’m […]

Seed – The Advantages – Diane’s Flower Seeds

Perennials are plants that keep coming back year after year. Annuals only last one season.  (Most vegetables are annuals.) I’ve sold perennials, annuals, and vegetables for many years to help support my gardens.

You’d have to live longer than most of us have in order to try to grow every flower, but goodness knows I’ve made a stab at it. The big advantage of […]

Beet – Cucumber – An Annual – A Perennial – Varieties of Interest

I was shopping for seed online at Pinetree Garden Seeds last night and I came across some interesting facts that influenced my choices.

These bits of information were so interesting I thought I’d pass them along to you.

Diva Cucumber

What appealed to me first about this cucumber was that it doesn’t require pollination to set fruit. That makes it perfect to grow under […]

Border Design – Evergreens – Perennials

I mentioned to Bill (for about the millionth time) that the fence border is my favorite border.  The plantings in it look good 9 months out of the year. (And just a bit bare in the other 3 months of winter.)

Bill says it’s because the plants have something to play against — the fence.  And I agree that’s certainly a big part of […]

Phlox – A Good Plant but It Bears Watching

I worked my allotted hour or two out in the back flower borders this afternoon.  I  spent most of that time digging out phlox.

We’ve been at this location 13 years.  I brought  phlox with me that dear friends had given us years ago.  One is pink, the other white.  I like them because they’re strong and resist mildew, which is unusual for the […]