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Cutting the Mountain in Half — Even When You’re No Longer 20

Some very meaningful comments were made on the last post. This will serve as an answer to the folks who took the time to voice their feelings and the many who didn’t, but have similar concerns.

You’ll recall last year I cut up the 35 foot tree that fell on my property. I’m only this year getting to move the logs.

Since they were […]

Early Fall/Late Summer Garden – Pictures and Observations

Click the pictures to enlarge them and get a better look.


All except one tomato plant gave up producing about 6 weeks sooner than usual. That means no tomatoes for me in December and/or January.

The most beautiful and most productive tomato plant was the one in the fence border close to my back door. It’s still producing! And it’s why I’ll have […]

Mosquitos, Ticks, and Other Bugs – What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Since it’s been found that some diseases can be carried and spread through insect bites, the media is all over it. As much as they go on about something like this, they seldom offer a natural solution to the problem that really works.

Even though there is much information out there about how we can take care of ourselves, it takes some living and […]

Voles – Trapping Tip

Happily, I’ve not had much trouble with voles wreaking havoc in my five winter lettuce beds.

But I wasn’t surprised when I noticed some damage a week or so ago when I removed the covers after several days of cold temperatures.

I set a trap right away. (Regular mouse trap with peanut butter for bait and a pot on top to cover.) Caught a […]

Organic Pest Control – Harlequin Bug, Stink Bug, Leaffooted Bug, Squash Bug – Tidbits

As I’ve mentioned in several posts, in the garden it ain’t over till it’s over.  And no one knows that better than nature’s creatures.

Once the squash vines are finished, the squash bugs still hang out with the dead vines.  It’s the perfect opportunity to kill more of them so they won’t winter over.

Not many leaffooted bugs this year, but I tried to […]

Nematodes – Do They Work?

Long years ago (maybe 30 or 35 ) Bill and I drove over to a cow pasture that was nearby and collected old “cow pies” to use in our garden. We lined the back of our truck with plastic and collected what amounted to a pile of “poop” about 4 feet tall and just as wide when we dumped it close to the garden.


Trouble with Ants?

Ever since we’ve lived at our current home (17 years), Bill and I always joked about the house being built on an ant hill.

We seem to always have a constant parade of ants in the kitchen and bathroom. Even in my office, which is a sunroom, I have a somewhat constant parade along the window sills and an occasional ant on the computer.


Organic Pest Control – Is It Just About the Soil?

As I’ve said many times over the past six years when writing for TMG, healthy soil consistently enriched with organic matter is first and foremost in guaranteeing the success of your garden.

Healthy soil feeds our plants, and it helps protect them from diseases and pests.

Plants grown in poor soil that don’t have good soil life to help them be healthy, literally put […]

New to Organic Gardening & Proving the Skeptics Wrong

I received an email in mid-May from a young woman in North Carolina who had just ordered and received my book on Organic Gardening. She started her first garden this year and wants it to be organic.

She wrote: “—my Mom keeps telling me it will be eaten up with critters, since I want it to be organic. So I look forward to learning […]

Winter Gardening – Making it Easier – Air Circulation – Note about Slugs

When first I started winter gardening with hoop tunnels we went the traditional route. It involved

driving sections of rebar into the ground every 4 or 5 feet along the edge of the beds; then bending and fitting the pvc pipe over the rebar remaining above ground to hold the curved pipe in place. The hoops were then stabilized with strong string or twine. […]