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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Marketing/Hype – Will The Product Advertised Give You Healthy Nutrient Dense Produce You Desire?

The onslaught of advertising for gardening products is on!

Have you already seen several things that you think would enhance your garden’s ability to produce more? Or help your newly started seedlings grow better? Or be just the kind of watering system you need?

Do These Advertisements Sound Like Something You Need?

“Our unique fertilizer is blended to include all the micro-nutrients that (whatever […]

The Conventional Way or Nature’s Way – One of Many Examples

As long time readers know I was raised on meat and potatoes. My father was a meat salesmen — so we had plenty of it.

The more Bill and I learned about how animals were raised and their meat was treated before it reached our table, the more we wanted to excluded it from our diet.

Eventually we just about eliminated it, and get/got […]

Information to Think On Before You Purchase Food – Hydroponics, AFO/CAFO Meats, Vitamins, and Grain for Your Animals You Might Think is Organic

Most in our society have lost track of the fact that good health comes from real food. Real food is from healthy soil and is packed with nutrients and free from poisons and other chemicals.

Unfortunately some of the biggest companies that control our food (directly or indirectly) are interested only in making a profit rather than also offering healthful food.

They have the […]

Grow Nutrient Dense Food – with the “easiest and simplest garden out there”

When folks become aware of what’s going on in the food industry and learn the real story behind modern day agriculture, I think their thoughts probably turn to ways they can obtain food free from poisons.  Also, food that is more nutrient dense than most available in grocery stores.

Years ago, the first thought for many was to obtain organic food. (*Food raised on […]

Diversity, a Principle of Nature – In What You Eat as Well as What You Grow

Sometimes I’m embarrassed to admit how long I lived before I learned certain information that was vital to my well being and could have made me healthier and thus, improved my life much sooner.

Until we learn otherwise, we’re pretty much a product of our upbringing.

Take food for example. Food selection when I was growing up was basically limited to meats, meats, and […]

Irresistible Gift for a Gardener – Wong’s Grow for Flavor

From time to time I receive emails from authors or publishers wanting me to mention, review, or recommend their books on TMG. Most of those are readily dismissed because they don’t share the organic values that TMG encourages.

Even the ones that may share the values I promote are most often dismissed as well. Not because they’re not of value, but because I just […]

Reason to Garden – Food that Nourishes

This may be the latest I’ve ever been with various garden tasks because of the difficulties Bill and I have been experiencing. However, I’ m not daunted by it. Several reasons account for that.

 The weather being cool has worked for me. It’s way too early in my garden for hot weather crops like cukes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants to really take off.  I […]

Glyphosate – Round-up™– Things You Might Want to Consider

Glyphosate is an herbicide that came on the scene in 1964 when it was patented by the Stauffer chemical company. It’s the active ingredient in Round-up™ which has been the flagship product of the company Monsanto for many years.

Round-up™ is promoted as being “a perfect fit with the vision of sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.” (You can read it for yourself on the […]

Blood Meal – Bone Meal – Reasons I Don’t Use Them.

In my first decade of gardening, I thought I needed every soil amendment I heard about. You name it. I needed it. Blood meal and bone meal were on the list.

Finally after about a decade, I came to my senses and realized that I didn’t need all that stuff.  All I needed to do was add organic materials that decayed and became organic […]

The Word ‘organic’ Without the OMRI Seal Doesn’t Mean Much

Bill was visiting our local hardware store recently when the word “organic” caught his eye on a couple of the bags in a stack of gardening products outside the store. He didn’t take a close look, but thought it interesting that this particular store might now be carrying organic products.

Next time he planned a visit to the store, I asked him to check […]