Following Standard Gardening Advice / Some Examples/And Why it Might Happen

Seed starting season is here and we’ll be transplanting to our gardens before we can catch a deep breath.

onion seedlings

I hope you’re looking forward to the new season. If you’re a long time reader of TMG you’ve learned to save lots of time by not doing things that conventional wisdom dictates you “have to” do.

You already know if you work […]

Winter Gardening – Conditions That Offer the Best Protection from the Cold

Just a week ago, garden beds were extremely dry. Not a concern for most of the garden because I knew sooner or later the rains would come and all would be well. I was, however, concerned about beds planted with lettuces and other greens that have already required covering for protection from cold temperatures.

Here’s why.

If those beds remained dry and severe cold […]

Being Busy/ Thinking/ and the November garden

All of us are busy. There’s always so much to do.

I never remember a time in my life that I wasn’t busy. (And by the way, I consider marrying Bill the beginning of my life.)

Ideally I like having time to “think” each day. But there are times when all of us get swept up in a wave of work and/or problems that […]

Mulch – Most Frequent Complaints

If you have the book Organic Gardening – Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening and/or are a long time reader of TMG you know that covering the ground (mulching) is one of the keys to success.

There are some who feel mulching under certain conditions creates disadvantages rather than advantages.

With all the benefits mulch has, two of the […]

Garlic and Mulch – A Reader’s Experience

My friend and reader, Lisa and her husband purchased a farm in this area about six years ago. The land had been damaged by conventional farming. They’ve put the emphasis on cover crops to return much needed “life” to the soil and have done other things like mulching when they felt they could.

As you might imagine, this is a big undertaking. Since they, […]

Real Soil – Fake Soil – and a Reader’s Question about Mulch

I find it rather amazing that product marketing has convinced a lot of gardeners that in-soil-gardening is passé; in other words old fashion and out dated.

Buying a bag of something or other – even though it has no nutrient value whatsoever – is just what is needed to raise veggies – so they say. Throw in a little compost to give a few […]

Organic Residues – The Needed Energy for Soil Fertility

Through millennia farmers have known that the soil must be fed (with organic materials) and nurtured to keep it producing. This basic understanding was lost by conventional agriculture when chemicals (and high dollar marketing) came on the scene 100 plus years ago.

As a result of the inundation of chemicals on our soils, they have become depleted of all that is needed to grow […]

Mulching – Weeds, Annuals, and Crop Residue to the Rescue.

If you’ve had rain just about every other day as we’ve this year and you’re new to TMG and/or have not yet read my book Organic Gardening, Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening – you might be thinking that mulching (covering the soil) isn’t necessary in rainy conditions.

But covering your soil is one of the 3 keys to […]

3 Keys to Successful Gardening – More Proof They Work

If the people of the world are to have food in the years to come, a great change will have to take place in the way farming is done.

Any of us who have been paying attention realize that big chemical companies are responsible for the currently dominant farming methods.

In spite of all the promotion saying that chemicals and poisons are necessary and […]

How Much Mulch is Enough?

Of my 3 keys to success (soil preparation, adding organic matter, and mulching), mulching is the one I most heavily depend on to bring about success.

For example, if for some reason a gardener can’t prepare the soil deeply for a garden bed (the first key to success), but has the time to let nature do it for them, they need only add a […]