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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Cilantro – If You Want To Try This Idea – Now Is the Time

Making the most of cilantro started in the spring. […]

Ginger and Turmeric – Growing Your Own is Easy – A Discussion of Various Aspects

Ginger and turmeric are two of the top most beneficial herbs you can grow. They’re good for just about anything that ails you.

But it’s difficult to get quality when you’re limited to the grocery store or even health food stores. The great stuff comes from growing your own which is pretty easy to do.

Disadvantages of Store Bought Rhizomes

Most of what you […]

Dill – a Variety You Might Want to Try

Every year I grow dill and never seem to have enough fresh dill leaves to allow me to enjoy it all season.

Even when succession sowing, it seems to go from seedling to mature plant so quickly that there’s still never enough to enjoy through the summer.

I love it for potato salad made from just-dug potatoes. That’s one of the things I look […]

Irresistible Gift for a Gardener – Wong’s Grow for Flavor

From time to time I receive emails from authors or publishers wanting me to mention, review, or recommend their books on TMG. Most of those are readily dismissed because they don’t share the organic values that TMG encourages.

Even the ones that may share the values I promote are most often dismissed as well. Not because they’re not of value, but because I just […]

Rosemary – From Cuttings or Seed – Is There Any Difference?

I’ve grown the herb rosemary many times from cuttings. Easy to do. Just take a 4 or 5 inch tip cutting from early spring growth and stick in the ground (or a pot with moist grow mix) and wait for roots.

A few years ago I decided to grow some rosemary from seed.

I started it using the wintersown method.

Rosemary is known for […]

Thanking Sponsors and What’s Ahead

If this site has added value to your life, most especially in regards to gardening, then you have 14 fellow readers to thank for making it possible.

I’ve always liked the idea of having this simple basic information about organic gardening available free for those folks who are looking for an easier way and want to pull free from all the marketing hype. I’ve […]

Want to Increase Your Garden’s Chances of Success for Next Year?

The more soil area plant roots have access to, the more abundantly they can produce. (That’s one of the main reasons for deep soil preparation when you start a garden.)

The specific soil organisms that partner with and help 90% of all plants and extend the root systems of the plant up to 2,500 times what the plant could reach by itself, won’t survive […]

How’s Your Garden Doing? – Comparing Notes

It always seems advantageous to know how others are faring with plants that we’re growing in our own gardens – or with plants that we might want to grow in the future. It gives us that much more information (from the other person’s experience) to add to our base of knowledge. That can, sometimes, give us just the edge we need to help us […]

How’s Your Winter Garden? – Comparing Notes

My mulched garlic looks good.  It’s not quite as tall as it was before the cold temperatures.  Looks as if about an inch of the tips were browned by freezing.  Otherwise, it’s fine.

I’ve just used the last garlic bulb from last year.  I planted more this year in the hopes of getting through next fall, winter, and spring with my garlic rather than […]

Garden Plants — Acquiring them the No-Stress way

In a previous post I mentioned that I had started some lavender cuttings which were in small pots. In addition to those I had some small rosemary and lavender plants that I had started from seed using the winter sown method last December and January.

I never got around to planting all of them earlier in the season so they just sat there during […]