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Garden Seed – Heirloom or Hybrid? Information to Help Make the Choice

There seems to be a lot of inaccurate information around on heirlooms and hybrids. Articles on both seem to be filled with personal feelings rather than actual facts that might help you decide which of the two is the best seed for your garden.

You don’t have to be a scientist. But you do need to become familiar with some terms and facts that […]

A Reader’s Thoughts and Mine & some facts to consider about Scott’s

A reader of TMG was thoughtful enough to send me a link to  a Washington Post article telling about the donation Scotts/MiracleGro companies made to one of the political canidates.

At the end of his email he said, “This will make me even less likely to buy their products.”

As you probably already know from previous posts, I go on record as never being […]

Pinetree Garden Seeds – Good News from a TMG Reader

I just received an email from a reader of TMG, Alice, who lives in Northern Nevada.

She is an energetic gardener in her 70’s whose current garden is only 3 years old.  Her first year at this new location she did a raised bed garden until she discovered she was on top of the leech line of the sewer system.  Since that was a […]

Seed Companies – Selecting them

Years ago I never gave much thought about where I purchased seed.  But that all changed when I learned more about Monsanto purchasing the big seed company Seminis.

In a previous post I explained in detail why the chemical companies are buying seed companies and why it’s a threat.  I also told more about hybrids and explained why they’re different than heirlooms and open […]

Urgent – Let’s do Something Before it’s Too Late

Our government and the system has gotten so big and out hand that it would be next to impossible for any one individual to keep up with everything that’s going on.

I think what makes it even harder — even for the legislators whose job it is to keep up — is things like bills with benign titles that have riders attached to them […]

Seed Saving – Why you’d want to

In past years I never paid to much attention to saving seed. But the past few years — seeing the handwriting on the wall with Monsanto, Bayer and other chemical companies buying up every seed company that will sell to them —- you can bet I’m trying to save what I can in order to be as self-reliant as possible when it comes to […]

GMO – GE food – GM food – what are they; why they’re dangerous; how you can protect yourself

The horror that is taking place with our food in today’s world reads like science fiction. I guess that’s why many (if not most) people dismiss anything against any new technology as fanaticism.  If however, we want to live our lives to the full and in the best health possible we need to take note of what’s going on and what we can do […]