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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

October in My Garden – A Time for Preparation, Harvesting, and Planning.

One of the things I like about living in zone 7 is that it’s possible for me to work outside almost all year except for when the ground is frozen. In years past it seemed to me that was only a week of days at most. These last few years it’s been more like one or two months.

There are a couple of reasons […]

Garden “Checklist”?

My long time friend and reader, Patricia, emailed me today with the following question and statement: Do you have a mental checklist that you go through as you do your daily garden maintenance tour?  I would love to write that down and follow the same pattern as you.

Yes, I have a mental checklist that over the years has become so ingrained that it’s […]

Sharing Garden Observations – in a Wet, Cold May

It’s amazing how quickly things are changing in the garden on a daily basis.

Brussels sprouts, Russian kale, chard, endive/escarole lettuce, and cresses are blooming and setting seed. Mache (from the winter) is about done dropping it’s seed. The mache plants that served as a cover crop for the winter are turning brown and the earth is exposed through its now scant foliage. When […]

Garden – Late October – Pictures and Garden Talk

Entering my garden and looking left towards the upper end.

The garden this time of year has it’s own beauty.  I especially enjoy feeling the warmth that’s still in soil even though the air is cooler.

Eggplant. About 8 remain on the plants.  Most are hidden by the foliage but you can still see at least 5 if you look closely.

Eggplants […]

Want to Know An Easy Way to Increase Your Harvest by 10%?

I watched a short video recently on harvesting. The fellow was harvesting his potatoes. After he finished he told the audience to dig through the bed a second time as it would increase the harvest by 10%.

I smiled.

Universal Law

This increase of 10% seems to be a law of the universe that applies to many crops. Most especially to crops that “hide” […]

Organic Gardening – Think you can’t start this year? Consider this.

I received an email from Stephanie, a reader, who had just finished reading Organic Gardening – Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening.

She writes: I have to say that your book is the best book on organic gardening that I’ve ever read…and I’ve read (many).

The conventional advice for organic gardening often had my head reeling!  It seemed so […]

3 Things to Think About Before the New Year Arrives

Here are 3 things to think about before the new year arrives.  # 1 will help you to get more nutrient rich food.  #2 might save you a lot of time. And #3 will increase what you can learn many times over.

#1 When you order your seed this year, consider ordering mostly open pollinated varieties.

As you’ll recall in my recent post […]

November Garden – Extending the Season – Peppers –Tomatoes – Eggplant and other notes

Those peppers that only grew 6 inches and stayed 6 inches until about mid-July ended up growing 5 to 6 feet tall and producing lots and lots of peppers. Finally by September, I was getting beautiful and delicious red peppers. I rationed us to two a day, but we’ve eaten 2 everyday for more than 60 days. And they’re still coming. (I use several […]

Vacation? Away on Business? Will You Trust Others to Tend Your Garden?

I just got an email from a friend and reader who plans to be away on vacation for 3 weeks.  She reports that tomatoes are “dripping from my vines” and “I’ll have to pay a neighbor kid to pick them — and  freeze them for me.”

From what readers tell me, it’s not unusual for folks to go away and leave their garden even […]

Lettuce – Kale – Various Greens / Do you Need to Thin Them?

A reader of TMG, Heather, wrote to me yesterday and said she had not gotten around to thinning her kale and lettuces. She said that the packets mentioned suggested spacing and also gave the option of thickly sowing for cutting, especially the Russian Kale and Jericho Romaine.

She wanted to know if she should “still thin at least somewhat? Or just let them be?”