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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Tomatoes – Save Time; Save Freezer Space; Get Better Tasting Sauce; Recipes for Kids, Formal Dinner, Appetizer

Tomatoes are just about the most popular home grown vegetable (fruit). Many who don’t consider themselves gardeners, still grow a few tomato plants every year.

I’m so spoiled by the taste of homegrown tomatoes from my organic garden that I won’t eat tomatoes from the store — organic or otherwise.

Tomatoes from my garden.

Other Ways to Enjoy Your Tomatoes

Here are some […]

Blueberries – What they Need

We use to have a lot more access to pine needles where we use to live.  I could use tons of them if I could still get them. Fortunately, for the last couple of years Bill has been able to find a place where he can get a small truck load of them. And that amount will probably be just enough for my blueberries […]

Blueberry Bushes – Growing Blueberries

If you like blueberries and you don’t have any bushes — fall is the perfect time to plant.  You’ll need a year or two for them to start really producing — so don’t waste another season.  They can be easy to grow in spite of what you read online.

A little research about what you’re buying is good thing but don’t be overwhelmed by […]

Blueberries – Notes

A basic principle with almost any fruit or vegetable is the more you harvest the more the plant produces.

My blueberry bushes – for more than a decade — have started producing berries the first week in June and continued through July. June’s berries are slightly larger (about the size of a dime) than July’s berries (a little smaller than a dime.)

For years […]

Growing Strawberries – Talking about Varieties

Last year I told you about how and why I lost my main crop of Honeoye Strawberries. I grow Honeoye as a main crop because they resist berry rot, have good flavor and if necessary, will hold for at least a day to finish ripening on my table.

They are an excellent main crop berry.  We freeze as many as we eat fresh and […]

Strawberries – Backup Made the Silver Lining

If you want to be successful in gardening it’s important to have backup whenever you can.

An Example of Backup – A Story from my Garden

No matter how beautiful and disease free your strawberry plants are when you plant them, there are common problems experienced by strawberries that start to show up about the time fruiting is almost over. (At least that […]

Strawberries with Sweet Woodruff

I was looking for something this morning and happened to come across a wonderful book that I’d forgotten I had.  It’s titled Flowers in the Kitchen by Susan Belsinger.

The recipes include so many flowers and herbs that I have in my garden and borders that it gave me a great sense of delight and I can hardly wait to try some. This book […]

Strawberries – A Reminder

When you’re planning your garden for spring – be sure to plan for strawberries. They’re healthful, delicious and easy to grow requiring a minimum of space.  Put them in soil rich in organic matter and mulch heavily.  That’s about it other than harvesting.

Grow in a Container if you Have To

If you have problems with deer or live in the city, try growing […]

Strawberries - New Plants Every 4 Years in a New Place

I  received an email from a friend regarding my strawberry post of May 12

He and I have talked strawberries on several occasions and I had mentioned to him about renewing the bed every 3 or 4 years.

After reading my post, he wrote that in talking to me previously he had “—gotten the idea that you had to move the bed somewhere else […]

16 Points to Help You Grow & Enjoy Strawberries All Year

Strawberries – One of Life’s Most Enjoyable Treats

Easy to Grow. Here’s How.

Below is a close up of my just picked strawberries still in the basket, still in the patch.

If strawberries are missing from your home garden you are doing without one of life’s most enjoyable treats.  Fruit can be in almost every home garden and especially strawberries.  They are easy to grow and fun to eat.

If you can freeze some as well, you’ll have the makings of a dessert fit for royalty on hand when company comes unexpectedly.  (Keep a container of Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream in the freezer with those strawberries and you’ll always be prepared.)

And then there’s strawberry shortcake, strawberry jam, strawberry muffins, strawberry salad (and yes, its wonderful!), strawberry smoothies, strawberry margaritas, and chocolate covered strawberries.   Yummmmm——

Want to Grow Strawberries?  Here’s How to Get Started. —–read more—-