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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Are You Still Harvesting Peppers After the Freeze? You Could Be.

Peppers are one of the strongest plants in the garden. They want to survive and produce. And they do.

Two inch seedlings can sit and wait two months for the right conditions to grow. Then they quickly grow into bushy 3 to 6 feet plants depending on the variety.

Even seedlings planted in the “not-so-great” parts of the garden, give it their all and […]

First Frost – What’s Doing in the Garden – A Tip – A Good Habit

If you’re north of the invisible line dividing our country, you’ve probably already had frost and even a hard freeze.

Here in zone 7 we usually enjoy a longer season.

When we lived closer to the water years ago, it was not unusual to be picking tomatoes in mid December.  Then we moved to our current residence 7 miles inland and frost came a […]

Frost/Freeze Maps – Almanac Tips on Predicting Frost – What Remains in the Garden in mid-October

Mid-October in Virginia and it’s beautiful! I wish I could have stopped time today so that the eventual freezing temperatures that are coming soon, could be postponed even longer.

The garden is lush and green and various cover crops spaced throughout make it look even more so.

Peppers are almost 6 feet tall and decorated profusely with fruit. Tomatoes are still coming. Greens beans […]