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Quick fixes/Recipe for Failure – Nature/Recipe for Success

I had 3 ladies visit our shop this morning who had also requested a tour of the gardens.

They seemed to enjoy both the gardens and the shop and while I said my good-byes to two of the ladies I noticed the other taking a few pictures of the borders in the front.

The two ladies explained that the president of their home association […]

Starting a New Website — TendingMyGarden has a sister site

TendingMyGarden is almost 3 years old (March of 2013) and I’m finally getting a feel for what folks who read want to know about.  It seems vegetable-garden-know-how is mainly what is wanted here—- rather than recipes or information on how to grow flowers.

Although eating is more of a necessity than flowers, my passion for having beautiful borders is just as great as my […]

Only a Moment in My Garden with a beautiful visitor

Bill was taking pictures of my squash and tomatoes for me, when he happened to see a beautiful swallowtail butterfly going through the fence to get to some phlox that was blooming.

He couldn’t resist taking a few minutes to get pictures of this beautiful visitor going through to the blossom.

I couldn’t resist sharing.




The Garden and Borders – Knee Deep in June

Dear Readers,

To me this spring has seemed like a great gift — a year to truly be remembered as one of the most beautiful and enjoyable.  The rains have been in due season even with the one month drought in April.  Odd but true.

I hope you have enjoyed and are continuing to enjoy this wonderful season in your garden.

If you have […]

Wildflower – Sweet William – Great in Flower Borders

Sweet William (Dianthus Barbatus) is a wildflower that  originated in the mountain areas of Europe.

I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing it naturalized in the landscape. But according to most  accounts it has spread and grows wild throughout most of the United States.

These easy, beautiful, hardy, and multicolored plants have taken a front and center position in my borders for many years. […]

Wildflowers – An easy bed.

Last year  — after 12 years of not growing any beds of annuals — I decided to create two island beds of wildflowers in a relatively small rectangle of wild-grassy area that’s framed by my borders in the back of our property.  One would be twice the length of the other and their shape would be oblong ovals.

Bill and I didn’t want to […]

Seed – The Advantages – Diane’s Flower Seeds

Perennials are plants that keep coming back year after year. Annuals only last one season.  (Most vegetables are annuals.) I’ve sold perennials, annuals, and vegetables for many years to help support my gardens.

You’d have to live longer than most of us have in order to try to grow every flower, but goodness knows I’ve made a stab at it. The big advantage of […]

Phlox – A Good Plant but It Bears Watching

I worked my allotted hour or two out in the back flower borders this afternoon.  I  spent most of that time digging out phlox.

We’ve been at this location 13 years.  I brought  phlox with me that dear friends had given us years ago.  One is pink, the other white.  I like them because they’re strong and resist mildew, which is unusual for the […]

November – The Gardens’ Last Hurrah!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and this year I wish more than ever that it would linger indefinitely. My borders are filled with color which has not always been strategically placed. It’s been spectacular nonetheless.

About the Harvest


I’m down to a few less than 200 cured onions. (Boy have I enjoyed onions this year!) I still have several dozen spring […]

A Personal Note to You – and September Bloom

This has been an exciting garden year for me. So many things come to mind that I want to share with you about what can be done and how you might go about it.

I want to give you some new ideas for improving your soil this fall;  some easy ways to stay away from residual herbicides;  and a great way to grow some […]