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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Why You’re Special/Stories/and 2 pictures

Judith, a fairly new reader emailed me in February and said, “I ran across your amazing web site and am interested in subscribing to TMG but would like to know what the fee is to subscribe,  if any,  before getting involved in the process.”

As you know, my way of gardening is very simple and easy. But in order for anyone to benefit from […]

A Strategy to Get Work Done When You Don’t Want to Work

As you know from my last post, my garden duty each day is based around harvesting. At the same time, harvesting also takes care of checking the overall garden, pest control, and seeing what has to be done in the days ahead.

The next step is to complete at least one task that I’ve designated as a have-to-do-today task.

And finally, I work at […]

Garden “Checklist”?

My long time friend and reader, Patricia, emailed me today with the following question and statement: Do you have a mental checklist that you go through as you do your daily garden maintenance tour?  I would love to write that down and follow the same pattern as you.

Yes, I have a mental checklist that over the years has become so ingrained that it’s […]

Leaning on an Established Habit

Over the past few months the question asked of me the most is “How are you doing?”.  I never know quite how to answer that.

You, who have come to know me over the past 7 years, know that Bill was so much a part of me I hardly know/knew where he stopped and I started. As far as I’m concerned my life started […]

New to Organic Gardening & Proving the Skeptics Wrong

I received an email in mid-May from a young woman in North Carolina who had just ordered and received my book on Organic Gardening. She started her first garden this year and wants it to be organic.

She wrote: “—my Mom keeps telling me it will be eaten up with critters, since I want it to be organic. So I look forward to learning […]

The Battle Within

In spite of striving to keep from being overwhelmed by the great waves of grief that come each day, I still find encouragement at almost every turn.

Bill and I use to have a standing joke about how easily we were encouraged. We always found encouragement in the most simple of things and some of the most unlikely places. But it kept us going […]

A Thought for The New Year

In order to keep my wits about me and keep focused on my goals and the things that need to be accomplished immediately, in the near future and in the distant future, I need thinking time.

Usually, I set aside a few minutes just before bedtime to refresh my written lists. And once a week, I take a little more time to reevaluate what […]

Are You Giving the Most Important Gifts?

Fifty one years ago, Bill and I celebrated our first Christmas together. We were married in November and I started shopping for his gifts in December.

Every time I’d buy something, I’d get so excited I couldn’t wait until Christmas. So within 24 hours of getting the gift home, I gave into my excitement and the gift was opened. Then I’d get something else […]

Thanksgiving Message – Choose Your Path Carefully

In spite of the sorrow I’m experiencing over my loss of Bill on October 3rd, I still have much to be thankful for.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is taking the road many years ago that was in our hearts. It was probably the one most unlikely to lead to success. But it was a road that taught us more than […]


I last updated you in May and by June it seemed obvious that Bill was really making a comeback.

He was wearing what he called people clothes after 5 months in convalescing clothes. He was walking around our acre of ground 2 to 5 times daily without a walker. He was walking with weights to help rebuild muscle. He was eating and so enjoying […]