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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Tribute to Bill Martz – 4-2-42 to 10-3-15

Almost all of us experience loss at sometime in our life. And although every story is different, we probably all relate some degree to that wrenching emotion that comes from saying goodbye to one we love.

Depending on how close we are to the person we lose, the loss can be like losing a limb. As Robert Southey put it, “time may heal the […]

5 Points to Keep in Mind for Success in Getting Through Your Most Challenging Obstacles

In the garden and in every phase of our life we all face obstacles. Some only slow us down; others stop us dead in our tracks. And then there’s the total knockout that puts us down for the count.

#1 – It’s Not the Event That Shapes Your Future

Most of us don’t look forward to unpleasantness in any form. I know I don’t.


Meeting Another Challenge

Change, heartbreak, hardship and other adversities can enable us to grow and become greater than we are. But they’re seldom welcomed with open arms.

If you’re like me it’ll take time and a lot of mental effort to turn those conditions into something that adds value rather than ruination to life.

I’ve fallen far short of my goals in the past four years. Bill […]

Cutting the Mountain in Half — Even When You’re No Longer 20

Some very meaningful comments were made on the last post. This will serve as an answer to the folks who took the time to voice their feelings and the many who didn’t, but have similar concerns.

You’ll recall last year I cut up the 35 foot tree that fell on my property. I’m only this year getting to move the logs.

Since they were […]

Gardening and Life in General – One Step (Dish) at a Time

If you’re a long time reader you already know my thoughts on never underestimating the power of a little.

In spite of that, I still need to refresh that concept in my mind when I’m close to being rendered incapable of doing anything by the thoughts of all that has to be done.

Well known by all of us as overwhelm.

Since Bill died, […]

The Best Gift You Can Give

Gift giving can be a lot of fun. Sometimes it’s more fun for the giver than the receiver.

Remembering the first Christmas I spent with Bill 53 years ago, I can still feel the excitement of his opening my gifts. None of them even made it to Christmas day or even Christmas Eve. Every time I’d buy something, I’d get so excited that I’d […]

Why Not Go for Being All You Can Be/A Story to Encourage/7 Tips to Help Get You There

Earlier this year I was asked by a long time acquaintance to tell our story publicly. Since she first heard the story years ago, she  found it encouraging and thought others would benefit by it as well.

Tonight, I happened to come across my notes for the talk. In reviewing them, I thought it contained information that might lift you up, encourage you, and […]

Grow Nutrient Dense Food – with the “easiest and simplest garden out there”

When folks become aware of what’s going on in the food industry and learn the real story behind modern day agriculture, I think their thoughts probably turn to ways they can obtain food free from poisons.  Also, food that is more nutrient dense than most available in grocery stores.

Years ago, the first thought for many was to obtain organic food. (*Food raised on […]

Being Busy/ Thinking/ and the November garden

All of us are busy. There’s always so much to do.

I never remember a time in my life that I wasn’t busy. (And by the way, I consider marrying Bill the beginning of my life.)

Ideally I like having time to “think” each day. But there are times when all of us get swept up in a wave of work and/or problems that […]

A Simple Secret to Increase Your Chances for Happiness and Success

Even in the best of lives, life can overwhelm us and take the wind out of our sails from time to time. The good part of that is, if we approach the situation with the right attitude we can steady ourselves and come out of it stronger and better than when “it” happened.

As we all know, that can be a lot easier to […]