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Chosen as one of the Top 30 Organic Gardening Blogs – March 2018

Being Busy/ Thinking/ and the November garden

All of us are busy. There’s always so much to do.

I never remember a time in my life that I wasn’t busy. (And by the way, I consider marrying Bill the beginning of my life.)

Ideally I like having time to “think” each day. But there are times when all of us get swept up in a wave of work and/or problems that […]

Still Eating Lettuces from Your Garden in January? Or not?

I hope you’re still eating lettuce out of your garden no matter what cold temperatures your area has experienced.

If you’ve tried to winter garden and haven’t been successful I encourage you to keep trying.

Methods of Protection

As much fun as it is to see what a wonderful set up Eliot Coleman has for winter growing on his farm in Maine, I for […]

Winter Gardening – Making it Easier – Air Circulation – Note about Slugs

When first I started winter gardening with hoop tunnels we went the traditional route. It involved

driving sections of rebar into the ground every 4 or 5 feet along the edge of the beds; then bending and fitting the pvc pipe over the rebar remaining above ground to hold the curved pipe in place. The hoops were then stabilized with strong string or twine. […]

Growing Spinach – Time to Start for a Fall and Winter Crop

I planted a package of mixed greens last fall and as usual with mixed plantings, had 3 “unknowns” that I wish I had names for.

In particular I fell in love with an arrow-shaped green with medium green leaves and wine-red veins and stems. Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious! I used it all fall in salads mixed with lettuce. Then when […]

Seed Starting – When to Begin – Adapting to Change

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How’s Your Winter Garden? – Comparing Notes

My mulched garlic looks good.  It’s not quite as tall as it was before the cold temperatures.  Looks as if about an inch of the tips were browned by freezing.  Otherwise, it’s fine.

I’ve just used the last garlic bulb from last year.  I planted more this year in the hopes of getting through next fall, winter, and spring with my garlic rather than […]

Getting Ready for the Winter Season

After being able to plant crops for fall in August this year — a first for me because of the rainy weather —- I ended up loosing a lot because drought conditions that arrived late and prevailed during September.  The good news is just as many things made it.  Now I have lettuce and various greens in 5 stages of growth because of 5 […]

Gardening in October – What’s Going On

The season of hot weather crops is closing and the season of cool weather crops and winter garden preparation has begun.

Tomatoes still hang heavy on the vines and I’m harvesting 4 to 6 baskets a week — which amounts to 30 to 40 pounds.  Thus, I’m still making roasted tomato sauce each week to freeze for winter use.

Time to make tomatoes […]

Cold Frame – Problems with the OG Newsletter Version and the Easy Solution.

In the recent Organic Garden Connect Newsletter was an article on making your own Cold Frame as an easy way to extend your growing season.

They pointed out the simplest frame used straw bales arranged into a square shape with glass or framed plastic laid on top to make the cover.

I would NOT recommend this shape of cold frame to anyone who lives […]